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The Chessboard of Auto-Accessories Market with Hundred Billi

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Statistics show that the number of registered cars maintains steady growth in China. By the end of June 2012, the number of registered cars has reached 114 million, and 17 cities have more than one million, Beijing, Chengdu, Tianjin, Shenzhen and Shanghai have over two million.

The growing number of cars has contributed to the prosperity of automotive aftermarket. According to the statistics, the turnover of China’s “automotive aftermarket” in 2005 is 88 billion yuan and the number of registered cars is 35 million at the same year. In 2009, the turnover of “automotive aftermarket” has jumped to 240 billion yuan and the number of registered cars of that year has increased to 76.19 million.

The size of automotive aftermarket has doubled again in 2012, increased to 490 billion yuan. The annual growth rate has reached 26.9%, more than the annual growth rate of China’s car sales which is 25%.

 “The automotive aftermarket is like a grand chessboard, including repairs, maintenance, service, and the required auto spare parts, car accessories and auto-material. Before the vehicle scrapping, all these consumptions are unavoidable. Among them, car accessories grow very quickly, which is about tens of billion Yuan, and even has potential to grow to hundreds of billion Yuan” the related senior staff of PLAYFEEL describes to reporters.

Reveal of the Chessboard

From the perspective of general division, the contents of car accessories are various. But from a broad perspective, they can be divided into interior accessories and exterior accessories. Interior accessories include steering wheel cover, foot pad, seat cover, anti-slip mat, headrest, hanging decorations, handbrake cover and so on while exterior accessories include sun visor, wrap of exterior handle, mud guard, vehicle wrap, car antenna, fog lamp cover, lamp eyebrow, taillight cover and so on.

 “Each category has hundreds of kinds, even thousands of products. Take the steering wheel cover as an example, according to different methods of color, design, technology and material, PLAYFEEL has dozens of product to choose. If the same high-quality products in the market are added, the optional steering wheel covers are no less than hundreds kinds.” the senior staff of PLAYFEEL analyzes this situation to reporters.

Every product has its specific car owners, which will generate some consumption. The professional research of Huoyun consultancy indicates that five years can be as a period. The accessories types purchased by the car owners are very simple in the past and every car owner probably purchases three kinds of accessories on average while the number increases to five kinds and the unit price is about 500 yuan. Some owners of high-end car will cost more money, and the proportion of more than 3,000 yuan will be nearly 20%.

In the view of the related senior staff of PLAYFEEL, with the blowout of the number of vehicles in China, especially the growth of proportion of high-and-mid-end car, the consumption of car accessories are also increasing. The brand of car accessories with greater fame, better reputation and higher level will capture bigger and bigger market shares. However, the whole accessories market is good and bad mixed together and the branding is not mature at present. The chessboard of car accessories just begins in fact.

The senior staff of PLAYFEEL notes in a speech that it is the golden time to brand building of car accessories enterprises. He thinks that the brand of car accessories must have unique personality and give special mental feelings to people; it belongs to a group people at certain class, accumulates great reputation and reliability and forms the lasting attraction for consumption.

Who will play this Chessboard?

According to the observation of reporters, there are ten thousands of car accessories enterprises at present and most of them occupy the certain market in small areas. Only a very few enterprises can complete on a national scale. The enterprises with great reputation mainly include: PLAYFEEL, Junda, Dalanzi, Daqi, Forster, Huawei, CarSetCity, WRC, Snoopy, Mushijia, Xinzu, Xinma, Mingjiali, Yidu, Wangweini, Shenwei, Topper and so on.

Although these brands have relatively greater influence in the industry, the situation is different in the eyes of car owners. A study shows that a large number of car owners have bought car accessories but just choosing from the types of seat cushion, steering wheel cover, perfume, pendant, and foot pad. Only a small percentage of consumers may have strong awareness of brand consumption.

According to the analysis of one professional, the circumstance faced by the current car accessories industry has some similarities to the industry of home building materials a few years ago. At that time, not a lot of consumers are familiar with the brand of home building materials when decorate. But this situation is almost completely changed. The brand awareness and brand reputation become the objects that the consumers want to know and the key influence factor for purchase decision.

What’s more, it’s worth noting that the owner pays more and more attention to the fashion, personalization and high-end design of accessories. The accessories with these characteristics will sell well. The market advantages of car accessories brand with these features are very obvious. The reporters think that the brand which may dominate the ten billions of car accessories market must also have these characteristics.

 “From the beginning, we’ve already positioned to personalization and customization. See the industry of car accessories from brand, quality, grade and culture. Perfume workshop, wood workshop, leather workshop and jade workshop, as well as DIY custom machine, all of them are very unique products. The car owners may choose the accessories by DIY custom machine or design them by themselves in 4S shop, office building, high-end commercial office and our collaborated store.” the senior staff of PLAYFEEL concludes, which creates better vehicle life for China’s car owners.